The Power of Music to Reduce Stress

If we look at music as a distraction because music has no curative value and anxiety along with the other three blocks to happiness: depression, anger, and guilt really are driven by thoughts. So the more elegant way to relieve stress is to change thinking but music can be very helpful and very valuable and certainly minimizing the stress reactions in your life.

What Kind Of Music Are we Looking at?

We certainly want to avoid music that has a very high beat melody; you should be looking for music that has like a 72 beat per minute type of rhythm. That would be more in a line of classical music. You certainly want to avoid a lot of hard rock and techno type of music but any classical music or easy listening would be best. At that point to try to use headphones or at least listen to music in an area where you don’t have a lot of distractions. It could be a quiet place in your home or the office, again if you can use headphones that would be ideal. With the music we are looking at distractions, so the more you can distract yourself with the music the more effective it can be. So if you are trying to listen to music in a kind of a busy work setting or the mall or places like that it may be a little more difficult unless you can plug in some earphones.

How Does Music Help to Relieve Stress?

Music has been used for more than a century to restore the harmony between the body and mind. Recently, studies have attempted to measure the benefits of music. These studies found that music structure and form can bring security and order to distressed and disabled children. It encourages communication and coordination so it can improve the quality of life. Also, they found that listening to music on headphones can reduce anxiety and stress in hospitals both before and after surgery. Music can help to reduce the sensation and distress of postoperative and chronic pain. It can increase self-esteem ratings and relieve depression in elderly people. Making music improve mood and reduce burnout among nursing students. Finally, music can boost the quality of life and significantly reduce emotional distress among adult cancer patients. Check here.

How Music can Help with Meditation?

There are certain music genres that are appropriate for meditation as they can initiate the relaxation process and help the mind slow down. However, it is not all “new age” or peaceful music that works for everybody. Music with no structure can be unsettling or even irritating. Easy listening music that has a familiar melody can be more comforting most times. You can also search around to find that music that produces a sense of calm, centeredness, and familiarity for you as an individual.

Often, the sounds of nature can be incorporated into CDs specifically made for relaxation. For instance, the sound of water can be comforting to some people. Regardless of the form you decide to use music to relieve stress the effects can be helpful.

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